Accommodation In Cornwall And Devon, Taking The Best River Cruises

Accommodation In Cornwall And Devon, Taking The Best River Cruises And Coastline Steam Train Rides

The good news is that no matter what your financial budget, youll almost certainly find a place to stay that suits it. Cornwall & Devon both have no end of lodgings for the holidaymaker Here are some of your accommodation choices:

Luxury & standard hotels
주차어때 /> Bed & breakfasts (B&B)
Holiday cottages
Camping sites

Much will depend on where you wish to be based, and of course what your needs are.

Cornwall & Devon have many reasonably priced Bed & Breakfast lodgings here, you get a comfortable room (often the home of the owners which offers a very nice homely feel) usually with an en-suite shower and standard amenities such as (basic) TV. A choice of breakfast (traditional English or continental) is included in the price of the room and some B&Bs offer dinner as an optional extra. This is great because the holiday-maker has the choice of exploring the town and sampling some of the local cuisine without having to be confined to the B&B at dinner-time.

For those in pursuit of luxury, there are a good choice of quality hotels available. Many of these offer excellent facilities (such as pools & gym) and depending on location may offer breath taking sea views. Expect plush interiors and satellite TV from the better hotels. Standard hotels (2 or 3 stars) are not as fancy and are similar to B&Bs in the standard of accommodation offered.

If youre planning to stay for a week and have a family or group then you may wish to stay in a holiday cottage instead. Cornwall & Devon have a huge range of holiday cottages that can be rented (usually) for a week or more. You can rent a cottage in a peaceful countryside setting, a quiet fishing village or overlooking the sea the choice is yours! Holiday cottages in Devon & Cornwall typically cost between 500 to 1,000 a week (depending on location & standard).

Finally, if youre planning to hire a caravan & go camping, there are plenty of caravan & camp sites scattered all over Cornwall & Devon.

River Cruises Along The River Dart & Wildlife Cruises Along The Devon Coast

One of the most charming activities while visiting Cornwall & Devon is to take in a cruise along the River Dart. Typically the cruise will start from Dartmouth and end at the lovely town of Totnes. The River Dart is one of the most beautiful estuaries in Britain and a cruise provides the holiday maker with an opportunity to drink in the rich tapestry of history, wildlife and pure scenic beauty all in one go.

For example, a pleasure cruise from Dartmouth to Totnes would allow the holidaymaker to see the following:

Village of Dittisham.
The lovely, old cottages of Duncannon.
Sir Walter Raleighs boat house.
Dame Agatha Christies estate.
Greenway Quay.
Stoke Gabriel.
Sharpham Vineyard.

Alternatively, you could also take a wildlife cruise where your tour boat sails along the immaculate Devon coast to catch breathtaking views of basking sharks, leathery turtles, falcons, bottlenosed dolphins, shearwaters, grey seals, and much more. This is a wonderful experience, although the tours only take place between May and July.

Great Steam Train Rides Across Torbays Beautiful Coastline

For one of the most scenic train rides to be found anywhere, try the Paignton to Kingswear (Dartmouth) rail journey. Your steam locomotive starts from Paignton Station and initially chugs past Paignton Sands and Quaywest Water Park.

The rail journey not only takes in the spectacular Torbay coastline but also runs through the wooded hills along the Dart Estuary. Initially, this most picturesque of British rail journeys goes up a steep and rocky hill offering some wonderful views of the Devon coastline. After going past Churston, the train runs inland and proceeds along the Dart Valley before reaching Kingswear. From here, passengers have the option of visiting Dartmouth via ferry.

Its also possible to combine your rail journey with a pleasure cruise and coach ride and enjoy a fascinating journey that stretches out over the entire day.

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